"AapkaTrip Hai, Special to Hoga Hi"

We believe in targeting Inefficiencies in industry practices to benefit our Customers and Business Partners

We are offering taxi journeys which are easy to book, discounted, comfortable, convenient, and safe for all. It was observed that by offering return cabs we will be benefiting vendors by ensuring their investment on vehicles is giving them maximum returns and offering customers better deals by subsidising their one way journey. We wish to utilize the space or seats of these empty cabs and sell it to you online ensuring comfortable travel at a subsidised rate. Also security of our customer is of utmost important to us and our preferred business partners.

We believe this project will also have positive impact on environment in long run by reducing number of taxis plying empty on various routes.

Gagan Kapoor

Gagan simply love to meet people and is well travelled across globe. He enjoyed it all whether it’s backpacking trip in Europe, summer in Mediterranean seafront, dessert safari in gulf or tranquil walks in Himalayan mountains. As an ardent hospitality professional and a travel entrepreneur customer services always tops his value chart. It all started with his passion to find fair deals for friends and family whether it’s discounted hotel rooms, start of season travel packages, online shopping offers or discounted flight tickets. All this based on a simple belief to ensure fair payments for various services and products.
It was utterly unacceptable when he has to pay double charges for intercity taxis in India. This concept is an effort to ensure our customers don’t have to compensate for operators inefficiency in managing return travel. So along with other co-founders established www.aapkatrip.com with the simple aim of making it beneficial and fair for customers as well as taxi operators. It’s not a new concept but is currently highly unorganized, unreliable and unsafe.
Gagan is an alumnus of institute of Hotel Management, Pusa, New Delhi and simultaneously completed Bachelors degree from Himachal University. After extensive work experience in hospitality industry completed Masters in Business Administration from Sheffield business school.
No favorite places as such but love to travel with family to enjoy new places, cultures and local food & drinks.

Srimanto Bhattacharya

Srimanto since his childhood has been passionate for traveling, whether he is in the deep forests of Amazon, carrying an Anaconda on his back or trekking in Kailash Mansarover in Tibet.
The Eureka moment came to him to start www.aapkatrip.com when he hitched hike more than 1000 kms to reach home. That journey of hitch hiking was more for an adventure purpose but it also gave him an inspiration to start Aapkatrip. Most of the times he hitched hike were in empty or vacant taxi’s which were returning to its destination after dropping their passengers.
This led to the start up of Aapkatrip along with his friends Gagan and Nakul Kapoor who are also Co Founders.
AapKatrip’s vision is to ensure the availability of these empty seats which are going vacant from any destination in India in the thousands of cabs which are plying on Indian roads. Its motto is not only cost optimization but also to provide comfort to those passengers who don’t get reservation in Bus, Train or even Airline.
Srimanto has a Bachelors in History from Hansraj College, Delhi University followed by a Masters in Tourism Management and a Masters in International Business Management. Well his favorite driving route is from Delhi to Bangalore. His favorite destinations are the Chalukyan caves of Badami, Aihole and Patadakkal.

Nakul Kapoor

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